Replica Gucci Dionysus Small Embroidered Floral Satchel Bag

Dionysus, a god of wine in Greek mythology. He is the son of Zeus, was born in the fire, raised the rain. He is the only mortal mother among the gods and the god who finally entered the Olympus Wonderland. He created wine, wine makes people sad, wine makes people germinate.

“Dionysus represents the wild, dreamlike, intoxicating spirit combined with the aesthetics of nature. In fact, life is like a work of art.” – Nietzsche

Designers are not philosophers, more than poets. Designer is a plastic artist, for the modeling artist, his challenge is to make people the first glance, you can see the beauty behind the shape.

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Replica Gucci Handbags Dionysus Small Embroidered Floral Satchel Bag, Pink This uniquely inspired design comes from a story of Bacchus: Legend has it that he became a tiger with a young fairy crossing the Tigris. With this pair of horseshoe arched double tiger head buckle, contemporary women’s diverse life to be harmonious parallel, balanced. And he designed Bacchanal series, but also reflects the modern woman day and night seamless switch, with the spirit of passionate and generous hearty personality, the pursuit of spiritual aristocracy.

Replica Gucci Bags current creative director Alessandro Michelle took office in the autumn and winter 2015 show on the first bag is the Bacchus replica bag tote, once introduced worldwide, until three years later, still unabated. Maybe you are reading this article, there is a wine cupboard cabinet. I think we must know that the Dionysus Bag’s name is derived from its name Dionysus Bag and also knows that the tiger’s headdress is an iconic element of the bag. However, what is the difference between Dionysus and Dionysus contact? What are the elements of this bag is related to Bacchus?

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First of all, let’s get acquainted with Dionysus through such a “business card”: Position: Bacchus, harvest god. Greek name: Dionysus Dionysos. Roman name: Bucchus Bacchus.Father: Zeus Zeus. Mother: Semele Samuel (mortal). Residence: Mount Olympus Olympus. Wife: Ariadne Ariadne. Symbol: Scepter, Ivy, Grape. Relics: tiger, cheetah, bull, snake.

Although the arched double tiger head buckle is the iconic distinction between the Dionysos series and other series, but really let people noticed that it is actually in the traditional GG Supreme printing, into the unique and stylish embroidery details, replica handbags Using unique embroidery techniques, using silk twined brass colored threads, the motifs of various animal plants are hand-embroidered on silk just as Dionysus ruled the late humans and brought them back to life. These insects and flowers, plants and Animals, are lifelike three-dimensional appearance, of course, this kind of life-cycle also means that the brand so back to life.

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Later, people see arch double tiger head buckle to know that this is the Dionysian series, if there is no buckle, but there are embroidery and printing, it is actually not called Bacchus, including the very popular out later square flap bag In fact, many brands have) padlock, as well as the most classic Boston bag, have been printed on the Bacchus patterns and embroidery.

Double tiger head shape not only represents the god of wine, but also a symbol of romantic love at first sight, while the seamless connection of the two tigers also expressed the seamless transition between day and night, modern metropolitan people pursue the spirit of aristocratic life.

Replica Gucci Handbags

After the success of Dionysus replica bag tote, Replica Gucci Handbags also rich style of Dionysus replica bag tote, while the element of Dionysus to clothes, shoes and belts design.

In fact, the mythical character has been so emphasized in the creative image of Alessandro Michele that Dionysian mother is the only mortal among the gods, and also because Dionysus grew up with all creatures in the forest. The wine brewed by God can also make people forget sadness and give birth to happiness and inspiration. All these stories are free and beautiful, and everything can coexist harmoniously. So any of the flowers and trees, insect beasts can become creative elements. Therefore, these prints of Bacchus is my most recommended, they are simple and not simple, and other people’s Bacchus bag to distinguish, reflecting the initial inspiration of the wine god replica bag tote.